‘Gallipoli’ – official music video

DDR goes through the archives and showcases Chris Doheny’s 2014 release: ‘Gallipoli’. All proceeds from the sales of the recording are donated to the Returned & Services League of Australia.

“I’d been doing regular writing sessions with a long time muso friend named Ronny Addlem, when one afternoon in 2012 we decided to write a song about Gallipoli. What we came up with was a chorus that interestingly includes the words “Raise your glasses high” which Sir General Cosgrove recently used to promote Anzac Day. Later after we had the chorus we decided the verses should tell a ‘bigger picture’ story from a generational viewpoint from the Grandfather down to the Grandson, and the many wars they had served in.

Ronny’s own father and grandfather had served in the 1st and 2nd great wars. My dad had served in the Australian Navy aboard the HMAS Adelaide and Shropshire and my Mum’s father had served in the army in New Guinea. We used stories we had heard from our childhood and did a lot of research to ensure not to offend any old diggers by getting any thing wrong!”-

Chris Doheny

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