Slow Release Syndrome – biography

SRSAfter passing each other for many years on the local Melbourne music circuit Chris Doheny and Shaun Gardener have finally got around to doing some gigs and writing together.

Both of them singer, guitarist, producer, songwriters there was no shortage of ideas and ability when the gig in to the studio together….

Doheny recounts the birth of SRS. “Late last year l was stuck when my usual guitarist was ill so l called up Shaun to fill in on a guitar show with my band Australian Made at a festival in Tom Price Western Australia. We spent around 6 hours in a small outback bar in WA drinking all their scotch and chatting while waiting on a flight back to Melbourne and realised how much we had in common. The project name (Slow Release Syndrome) reflects how we intend to go about it, which is to write and release tunes at our own pace and as time permits.”

Gardener explains “l use to watch Chris Doheny perform with his babb Geisha some years ago and be in awe of his musicianship and vocal prowess, so it’s a great thrill for me to finally get to embark on this musical journey with him.

I really hope you have as much fun listening to the songs as we had in the creative process….stay tuned for more”