Chris Doheny Discography Vol 6 now available

Chris Doheny Discography Vol. 6 now available

In 2016 Chris Doheny the lead singer, songwriter and founder of hit making band Geisha and widely known for his film and television work was working with a group of Melbournes finest musicians on a project focusing on one of worlds greatest songwriters; Sir Paul McCartney.

The group came together as a trio, comprising of Chris who would take up the bass, the piano and lead vocals, Paul Monger who would play drums and Shaun Gardener (La Femme, 2120) on guitar and vocals.

After discussion it was evident that an extra guitar would be needed to complement the many layers of McCartneys productions. Enter Ripley Smith, guitar and vocals

A keyboard player was also needed to cover the orchestral parts, and so with the arrival of Alby Stefani (Geisha) keyboards and vocals they were now Five. 

The band soon coalesced into a tight unit that they called Wingspan (another homage to Macca) 

WINGSPAN celebrating the songs of Paul McCartney.

Wingspan recorded and independently released an album on CD and continued to do shows for the next few years until Covid shut down the live music scene.

These tracks are now available for the first time via streaming and downloads on Chris Doheny Discography Vol. 6.

Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and all other platforms for iPhone or Android.

For all details please visit

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