‘Shout Me Down’ Geisha live on ABC’s The Factory early 1988

Shout Me Down.
By late 1987 after the acrimonious departure of the other previous members
of Geisha, Chris had put in place a completely new line up to promote the album Midnight To Dawn.
Featuring on guitar Rob Dean, formerly from the UK art band Japan. Rob had also just finished being a songwriter for Sinead O’Conner and after his stint with Chris went home to some hefty royalty payments.
Tom Hosie on the skins had been James Freud’s drummer back in the Radio Stars days and Laury Maddick on Keys and trumpet who had been playing with Melbourne Ska band No Nonsense made the quartet complete.
Laurie also played on the album Midnight To Dawn for Chris.
Shout Me Down was written by the grammy winning Rob Dean and released by Geisha in 1988.
It was later released in 1990 by a band called Slow Club. Rob had put this band
together to stay in Australia a country he loved and enjoyed.
The one album that Slow Club released on Virgin Records also included another song that Chris had co written with Rob titled Great Divide…check it out 😀

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